Giving Gifts From The Heart

The season is upon us for giving gifts from the heart.  As a quilter and fabric store owner I am always trying to come up with unique ideas to use fabric from my personal stash and also fabrics from my fabric store, The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store.  I always thought that quilts required intricate blocks and wow factors that would take months to create.  However, it has taken me some time to figure out that the most simple quilt which only takes a few hours to piece is just as special as a quilt which has taken months to piece.  As new age quilters we have been blessed with jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and the list goes on.  We have rotary cutters and cutting machines such as The Go machine which has made cutting our pieces a breeze.  When I began quilting I used a cardboard square to cut our my squares and trust me, they were not all uniform.  I never knew that you only used 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I did not know about nesting so that you would have corners that would meet nicely and everything would come together. I purchased polyester fill for my batting and hand tyed my first quilt and oh my, I was so proud.  I pull that quilt out every now and again and just give a little chuckle, but it was a gift from the heart.  Now, I use charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls and complete my piecing of a quilt in one day.  The only thing that has not changed with time is the love that I put into each and every one of my creations.  So, grab yourself a charm pack, jelly roll or layer cake and create something from the heart and give it with love and be so proud of it, no matter how much time you put in to it.

Remember, Christmas is a time for giving and what better gift can you give but a gift from the heart.  From The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store, I wish you a very blessed and joyous holiday season for you and your loved ones.

Martina Rolando

The Quilted Nursery Children's Fabric Store

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