New Beginnings

As 2018 comes to a close we can leave behind the hard times and sad times of 2018.  We can relish in the fact that we have learned from all of our experiences both positive and negative.  With the beginning of a new year we are embarking on new adventures and new chapters in our lives.  Learning a new skill, teaching a skill to a friend or stranger helps one to grow with the knowledge of academia and compassion.  Commitments are always made at the beginning of a new year to lose weight, to be more organized and the list goes on.  The commitments we make should not get lost in our daily lives, but remembered daily.  As a shop owner my commitment is always to my customers first and foremost.  I appreciate each and every customer who visits my shop whether they purchase fabric or not.  I make a yearly commitment to bring fun and interesting fabrics to my fabric store.  So, as we leave 2018 behind and welcome 2019, thank you to each and everyone who has supported my shop and welcome to new customers enjoying our fun fabrics.  Happy New Year, you are appreciated!

Martina Rolando

The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store

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