Summer Time is Holiday Time

                       Quilting Time In The Rockies

We have all been looking forward to sunshine, lush green leaves on our trees, and the fragrant smells of brightly colored flowers that decorate our yards and porches.  Amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for your energy levels.  With all of the extra vitamin D in our system our brains begin to waken with new ideas to create wonderful pieces of art.   As excited as we become to see everything waken in nature we can't help ourselves to begin our projects for the upcoming Autumn and Winter holidays.  My most creative time is Spring and Summer.  I have created my most beautiful quilts in the Summer while spending time at our cabin.  I grab my fun and warm flannel fabrics and begin my piecing for our first quilts of the Fall and Winter.  It is never too late to start your holiday projects.  That is why we are receiving some beautiful Halloween and Christmas Holiday fabrics at The Quilted Nursery Children's Fabric Store.  If you don't want to start piecing now, start adding to your fabric stash so you will have everything you need in a few months.  Stop by and take a look at our fun Holiday fabrics and I know you will instantly be in the mood to start creating! 

Frosty Folks Flannel Mittens Fabric


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