Spring Cleaning!

Spring is making an attempt to appear here in Montana.  Between snow flurries and snow storms we have Daffodils popping up from under the white stuff, oh such hope!  Spring is a time for everything to come alive again after a long winters sleep.  I use this time of the year to start cleaning and reorganizing my house which does include my sewing room and everything fabric.  I had always felt so guilty about throwing out my quilting magazines I had collected over the year and would end up with stacks of magazines.  I finally decided to cut out the patterns I absolutely love and know that I will sew sometime in this life or the next and insert the pages into page protectors and then file them in three ring binders.  I took it one step further and separated the binders into categories, i.e. star quilts, log cabin, half square triangles etc.  It really organizes my area and I can sit and go through my binders like I do cook books!

After one year of collecting scraps and having bolt end pieces from my fabric store I gather up my fabrics and using my Accuquilt Go I cut my pieces into different shapes and size and store them in containers.  Fabric that I really think that I may not use I take to our Senior Citizens Center and they are always so happy to see my husband coming through the door with boxes of fabric.  Mind you, I only do this once per year and call it good.  I hope these few little tips and thoughts help you get through the remainder of what is left of winter.  

Keep a smile on your face, and fabric in your hands!  Tata for now and keep quilting!

Martina Rolando

The Quilted Nursery Children's Fabric Store

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